January 05, 2019Abba Abdullahi Garbaspells1
The spell is for unmarried couples who are heading towards marriage but for some reason or the other are unsuccessful after innumerable attempts. Lack of success could be due to outside interferences, parents and family disagreements or your partner is refusing and asking more time than normal before tying the knot. This is a frustrating scenario and needs to be fixed. If you are presently facing this issue then this is the spell for you. STEP 1) Take a sandal wood box (any size will do) STEP 2) Take a piece of cloth and soak it with rose incense completely. STEP 3) Write your name and your partners name on the cloth only once the cloth dries up completely. Not before. STEP 4) Hold the cloth in your hands and with full concentration in a loud and a clear tone sing the spell MERA HOGA ZAB ZAB YAH. STEP 5) Keep the cloth in the box and close it tightly. STEP 6) Write the same spell on the box. On all the outer walls of the box including the base. STEP 7) Keep the box in your bedroom and never ever bother opening it. Your partner soon will marry you and will join you in your very own bedroom once you tie the knot. Dont forget to keep the box in the bedroom Chuckles

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January 17, 2019 AT 11:35 AM
really works

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